Tapovan, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand


Rishikesh Adventure Park

SaiOM River Rider provides of own valuable customers a full bucket of adventures on the same place with a different way in the adventure park. This adventure park is located in Shivpuri near Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India. It is totally designed as the next tourism and entertainment center for Rishikesh and it will offer fun and thrills, spectacular sights and nature-based activities, which is situated in the beautiful Shivalik Mountain Ranges.

It’s a lifetime experience pushing the limits of your audacity encounter the fear and thrills you. All adventure activity is done by customers in the supervision of our highly trained professionals. Rishikesh adventure park adds adventure to your holiday or weekend getaway. It’s a full on adventure cum picnic spots for of school day tours with a reasonable price. If you come here once then it will definitely become your lifetime incredible experience.

Rishikesh Adventure Tour Package

Activity Sl. No. Activity Name Price per person Book Tour
1 Sky Cycle (India’s Longest and Highest- First time in Rishikesh) 1000 Book Now
2 Water Zorbing – with roller (for 10 min.) (first time in rishikesh) 600 Book Now
3 Water Zorbing — with ball (for 10 min.) (first time in rishikesh) 500 Book Now
4 Superman Shot (first time in rishikesh) 850 Book Now
5 Eagle Flight (Big Zipline) 750 Book Now
6 Giant Swing 600 Book Now
7 Zip Line 600 Book Now
8 Reverse Bungee 700 Book Now
9 Rappelling 400 Book Now
10 Slithering 400 Book Now
11 Rock Climbing 500 Book Now
12 Commando Net Climbing 400 Book Now
13 Tyre wall Climbing 400 Book Now
14 Archery 300 Book Now
15 Sand Fun for Kids (for an hour) 200 Book Now
16 Rope Course Level 1 (10 different activities, challenge yourself) 500 Book Now
17 Rope Course Level 2 (10 different activities, challenge yourself) 500 Book Now
18 Rope Course Level 3 (10 different activities, challenge yourself) 500 Book Now

Combo Adventure Bucket

19 Zip Zap Zoom (Superman Shot + Eagle Flight) 1300 Book Now
20 Sky Tour (Sky Cycle + Superman Shot + Eagle Flight + Zipline) 2300 Book Now
21 Sky Tour (Landing with Slithering) (Sky Cycle + Superman Shot + Eagle
Flight + Zipline + Rappelling or Slithering)
2600 Book Now
22 Park Access (Excluding Superman Shot Eagle Flight and Water Zorbing) 3500 Book Now
23 Park Access (44 Activities)- Excluding water zorbing 4200 Book Now
24 Full park access (45+ Activities) inclusive all 4500 Book Now
25 Multi Activity Tower and Rope Course 1800 Book Now
26 Multi Activities Tower (Rock Climbing + Commando Net + Tyre wall +
Rappelling + Slithering)
1200 Book Now
27 Full Rope Course (30 activities) 1200 Book Now
28 Giant Swing and Zipline 1000 Book Now

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